COOG is the first open source back-to-front solution for the Insurance industry


Founded in 2012 by a team of insurance professionals and software experts, Coopengo's aim is to:

  • Allow a real return on investment from modernizing insurance back-offices by optimizing productivity and costs of administration
  • Design a state-of-the-art solution combining the advantages of the « build » and the « buy » approach
  • Reach a broad business coverage by readily creating and maintaining a large number of features.
  • Guarantee users the freedom to customize and develop new functionalities by building the most flexible solution on the market

Reaching all these targets is possible thanks to the following innovation:

  • Business model with an Open Source approach, never before seen in the insurance software market.
  • Technological innovation using both a rule engine and a process engine, which is able to push the boundaries of customization and flexibility in the market.

Coog is dedicated to all actors of the insurance industry with complex business operations

  • Carriers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • BPO Actors

Coog supports a wide range of products, either for personal and commercial lines:

  • Life insurance
  • Protection / Loan insurance
  • Health insurance


A software package used by a growing number of insurance players and supported by several established partners

Our Clients

Our Partners

Lancement de COOG 2.2 / COOG 2.2 Announcement

Dans la nouvelle version de Coog les modules Prest'IJ et PASRAU viennent enrichir l’offre prestations prévoyance collective. La sélection de produit est améliorée afin d'aider le distributeur à assurer son devoir de conseil dans le cadre de la DDA. Une nouvelle application B2C est disponible et l'ergonomie de l'application B2B est revue. De nombreuses autres nouvelles fonctionnalités sont également disponibles. / In the new version of Coog, the Prest'IJ and PASRAU modules extend the group benefit solution. Product selection is enhanced to assist the distributor in fulfilling its duty to advise under the DDA. A new B2C application is available and the look and feel of the B2B application is reviewed. Many other new features are also available. lire la suite

Lancement de COOG 2.0 / COOG 2.0 Announcement

Coog, solution intégrée Front-to-Back propose une toute nouvelle interface back-office en full web, une approche "Privacy by design" qui répond dès maintenant aux enjeux du RGPD tandis que les module Obsèques et Sinistres s'enrichissent de nombreuses fonctionnalités. / Coog a Front-to-Back solution comes with a new full web back office user interface, a 'Privacy by design' approach which already answers some GDPR challenges and the funeral line of business and the claim module gain new functionalities. lire la suite

Lancement de COOG 1.14 / COOG 1.14 Announcement

Coog intègre désormais la gestion complète des produits Obsèques, propose nativement un module Analytics de Pentaho et continue d’enrichir son catalogue d’API. L’industrialisation de la solution se poursuit avec une intégration et un déploiement encore accélérés / Coog covers the full lifecycle management of funeral products, comes embedded with an Analytic module from Pentaho and continues to enrich its API catalogue. Industrialization of the solution has been pushed to a step further with even faster integration and deployment. lire la suite


If you plan to modernize your information system or if you are acting in the insurance market and would like to do business with us, contact us by filling out the following form.

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