Coog modules list


Contract model and life cycle management.

  • Contract: Defines a contract (subscriber, covered elements, options).
  • Contract group: Managing a sets of covered elements (population, fleet).
  • Contract Eligibility: Tests subscriber’s or covered element’s eligibility for a product or coverage.
  • Contract Underwriting: Decision by contract and options, underwriting rules, partial or total underwriting.
  • Contract Term/Renewal: Defines contracts’ terms and renewals if needed.
  • Clause: Clauses library (standard clause and beneficiary clauses), and storage on a contract with possible customizations
  • Contract Set: Grouping contracts into synchronized sets.
  • Contract Life: Life insurance for persons (covers death, disease, disability, etc.)
  • Contract Health: Covers health expenses
  • Contract Loan: Creating and managing loans, calculation of amortization tables. Adds covered loans and insured loan shares to contract information.
  • Average Premium Rate: Computes required regulation information for loan contracts (Average Premium Rate, Annual Percentage Rate)
  • Coverage Amount: Covering an amount (free or one of a configurable list defined on the coverage).
  • Coverage Amount Revaluation: Revaluation of a coverage amount at each renewal according to a calculation rule.
  • Cash Value: Managing contracts with covered value freely defined by the subscriber through periodic (or not) abounding
  • PnC: Defining freely insurable entities and building simple products, coverages, benefits, and contracts for them


Contract modifications after its activation, according to the subscriber’s requests. Allowing to apply or cancel the changes.

  • Endorsement: Basic contract endorsements - start date modification, termination, subscriber modification, options modifications, clauses, etc.
  • Endorsement Set: Synchronized application of endorsements on contract sets.
  • Endorsement Party: Modifying parties the same way we modify contracts, triggering associated contracts recalculation if needed.
  • Full Contract Revision: When a complete overhaul is needed, relaunches a subscription-like process on a contract. Same as voiding the contract and recreating it, but with preset information and no history loss.
  • Endorsement Loan: Modifying contract data specific to the loan insurance business - loans, loan shares.
  • Endorsement Renewal: Renewing contract through endorsements, applying eligibility and term rules.


Invoicing process.

  • Premium: Calculating the insurance premium, setting fees on a contract
  • Invoice: Using calculated premiums to generate periodic (or one-shot) invoices according to the contract’s billing frequency.
  • Waiver of Premium: Configuration and realization of waivers of premiums per coverage, preservation of commissions.
  • Dunning: Handling dunning of unpaid invoices, including letters, dunning fees, and contract termination
  • Supplier Invoice Insurance: Entry point to enter medical acts invoices


Handling ingoing payments (direct debit, cheque, credit card, etc.) and outgoing (wire transfer, cheque letter)

  • Bank: Banks to be used on parties’ bank accounts.
  • Payment: Handling in and out payments. Automatic accounting reconciliation.
  • SEPA Payment: Generation of SEPA files for automated in and out direct debit, managing direct debit failures files
  • Statement: Cheque, credit card or wire transfer payments
  • Cheque Letter: Payment by cheque letter and printing
  • Dunning: Triggering automatic dunning actions on payment reject


General ledger interface

  • Accounting: Fiscal years, accounting plan, journals, balances, per party / contract accounting
  • Accounting interface: Interface with external accounting software, configuration of automatic aggregation of accounting moves


Claim declaration and payments

  • Claim: Losses configuration, benefit eligibility, indemnification calculation, required documents during claim declaration and treatment
  • Life claim: Handling recurring benefits (computed on a daily basis)
  • Group life claim: Managing legal entity at claim and indemnification calculation based on salary
  • [1.10] - Claim Group Life FR : Managing salary according to french regulation
  • Loan claim: Loan specific data in indemnification calculation rules.
  • Health Claim: Managing health specifics in claims - healthcare expenses, medical act description repository


Managing commissions for business providers / insurers / etc.

  • Commission: Linear commissions computation, also supports rule engine integration for commission rate calculations. Commissions can be paid either on posted or paid invoices depending on the configuration. Custom commissions agreements, commission invoices generation. Transfer broker portfolios.
  • Insurer commissions: Calculation and insurer invoices generation, with dedicated reporting
  • Multi level commission: Multiple commission levels, with specific agreements if required
  • Orias: Adding Orias number to brokers
  • Prepayment: Pre-paid commissions configuration, and automatic adjustment of pre-paid amounts in case of endorsements or early termination. Rules definition to trigger commission cancellations (e.g.: on the 24 first months)
  • Commission Endorsement: Creating contract endorsements to modify the way a given contract is commissioned, with the proper adjustments.


Setting-up distribution network and commercial products

  • Distribution: Setting-up a distribution network for commercial products. Creation of multiple commercial products based on the same technical product, so a given product can be sold by different entities under different names (white label)


Document creation and generation

  • Document: Defining document kinds
  • Document Request: Grouping multiple required documents (on a contract for instance) to generate a document request to be sent to the subscriber
  • Contract document request: Configuration of requested documents for contract subscription, per contract / covered element / coverage
  • Report Engine: Templates configuration for each business document, choice of an output format, storage configuration in the internal document management system, or to a folder for use in another system. Configuration tools to define data to export in a flow to an external printing tool.


Configuration of business processes

  • Process Engine: Technical tools for client side step-by-step process design
  • Subscription Process: Toolset for contract subscription process configuration
  • Group Subscription Process: Subscription process for group contracts
  • Endorsement Process: Processes for contract endorsements
  • Group Endorsement Process: Endorsement processes for group contracts
  • Claim Declaration: Toolset for claim declaration process configuration


Default reports included with Coog

  • Insurer Reporting: Report on the existing contracts and commissions for the insurers
  • Account Reporting: Turnover report per insurance product and per month


All features which are not directly related to the insurance business

  • Party: Handling parties (persons or companies) and their relations. A synthesis view displays a summary of critical data - contact mechanisms, addresses, account balance
  • [1.10] - Party Interlocutor : Managing interlocutors (name, contact information) for a legal entity
  • Currency: Currencies and their exchange rates
  • Company: Users separation based on the company they are working for.
  • Country: Pre-create countries and zip codes to ease party addresses creation
  • Hexaposte: Handling of french HEXAPOSTE norm for import and update of the zip codes repository.

Technical tools

The magic we created

  • Toolbox: Export / Import everything (product configuration, etc.) between databases, batch management, integrity checks
  • Event handling: For each business event, configuration of actions to trigger - document generation, task creation, etc.
  • [1.10] - Event Mail : Configuration and triggering e-mails from events
  • LDAP: LDAP configuration for authentication
  • Rule Engine: Defining complex rules client side, for eligibility, premium calculation, benefit amounts, commission rates, etc.
  • Matrix: Creating 1, 2, 3, n dimensions matrices, to be used in rules
  • Tasks: Defining fine-grained task dispatching, team configuration
  • Migrator: Tools to describe the structure of an external database and migrate its content to Coog
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