Coog 2.6 Release Note [EN]

(Ce document est disponible en Français)


Party management

  • New module party birth data (party_birth_data): This module adds birth zip and city informations on persons
  • [FR] Configurable SSN verification based on personal informations (birth date, birth zip, gender)
  • Employment contract management
    • New modules Employment contract management (party_employment, party_employment_fr): The aim of these modules is to be able to store data related to employment contract information. This data is available in the rule engine for product/coverage configuration
    • New modules Public employment contract management (party_public_employment, party_public_employment_fr): These modules add specific data for public employment.
    • New module Endorsement on employment contract (endorsement_party_employment): This module adds endorsements on employment contract.

Contract management

  • Add automatic coverage termination batch once end date is reached
  • Add default coverage amount rules based on predefined list or based on amount range
  • Allow to define required covered party data for contract activation.
  • Add free field to explain reasons for exclusions on contract
  • Manage exclusions access rights
  • New module Invoicing duration management (contract_invoicing_duration): This module allows to define invoicing duration for a contract. It’s used for some funeral products (invoicing during 5/10/15 years)
  • Allow to add medical notes only visible to a specific group during underwriting
  • Improve package feature. Packages can be defined to be selected at contract level or covered element level. Contract/covered/option extra data can be predefined in package
  • Customize extra data display order during contract subscription or claim treatment.
  • Add a sequence order field on extra data to manage their order
  • Premiums amount sum is now displayed in bold
  • Allow to recalculate premiums monthly synchronized with contract initial start date. This can be useful for products with monthly premium change
  • A new shortcut has been added on a party to launch endorsements
  • Add new function to rule engine which returns all requested documents for a contract


  • Claim bank account identification on a party


  • Add minimum amount invoice threshold for fees generation
  • Make invoicing behavior customizable to handle invoicing and posting for whole term
  • Allow to define possible billing modes in subscription according contract information (using the rule engine)
  • Add a dedicated event for the payment of the first contract invoice. Actions can be configured to be launched based on this event (document generation…)
  • Add a payer relation between parties: only payers of a subscriber can pay for the contract
  • Add link to dunnings from contract


  • New option that allows paybox payment generation from subscription process. Paybox url can be displayed on a frontend or sent via email.
  • New field on payment SEPA journal to customize direct debit message
  • Allow to force the use of the SMNDA flag for sepa messages when processing mandate amendments
  • Allow to have a single snapshot for the cancel moves of all payments failed by the same CAMT054 file


  • Handle analytics on contract move line and benefit move line
  • Load banks and agencies from Banque de France files


  • New module Distribution channels management (distribution_channel): This module allows to define distribution channel. On a distribution channel it’s possible to define commercial products available for selling, spécific process et specific contract rules


  • Add contract summary to be displayed during underwriting
  • Eligibility rules management
  • Allow to consider a bank as a lender

Sales Assistant Tools

  • The questionnaire rule result include the product code but now can also include the package code
  • Back Office questionnaire integration in Coog sales route


  • French social security noemie status management
  • New modules Health claim management to Almerys (third_party_protocol_almerys, claim_almerys):
    • Open benefit rights to Almerys using V3 Almerys protocol.
    • Health claim integration based on Almerys protocol
    • French social security protocol (929) integration

Third Party Management

  • New modules Third party management (third_party_management, third_party_right_management): Configuration of third party delegation management.

Document Management, Report engine

  • Electronic signature
    • Allow to sign a set of documents (mixing received documents and Coog generated documents)
    • Trigger an event when electronic signature is complete
    • Customization of electronic signature settings based on model description
    • Requested document during contract subscription can now target a covered element
  • A validation workflow on attachments is available. Received document are in “Waiting Validation” status until a user reviews it
  • Add comment field on document request
  • Data input and document generation for document requests
  • New module Report via BDOC (report_engine_bdoc): Interface with BDOC printing system

Rule Engine

  • Wizard to import 1d or 2d tables from excel
  • Add description field on rule engine: functional description of the algorithm

Transverse Functionalities

  • French Zip code standards
    • Initialize zip code subdivision when integrating hexapost zip codes
    • Save insee code in zip code when integrating hexapost format


  • Allow to disable batch by configuration


  • API gateway: manage a main entry point to all API call
  • Sales route API: Manage all steps of a sale route
  • Handle subscription through packages
  • Describe product API
  • Manage coverage amount in subscription
  • Upload documents to a contract
  • Underwriting subscriber decision
  • Underwriting reception
  • Administrative modifications
  • Manage claim bank account
  • Create distribution networks
  • Handle loan payment computations
  • Manage loan contracts in subscription
  • Identity management
  • Allow fine tuned front end UI control from back end configuration- Upload required documents and answer required document questions


  • Portal customization: UI themes, contents
  • Support of authentication delegation to Google, Facebook, Salesforce suppliers

  • Sales route usability improvement
  • Shortcut to launch a new quotation or a new sale route from the dashboard.
  • Add user name at top right hand corner