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Owner of Coog, a dedicated open-source solution designed to bring digital technology to the service of Health, Life and Wealth Insurance providers and optimise their contract management processes: from pricing to claims handling.

Join the community of our 20 Clients (insurance companies, banks, brokers, insurance managers, pension funds). Benefit from their unique experiences while, in turn, contributing to the evolution of Coog, the leading insurance solution on the market.

Coopengo was born from a desire to change traditional standards for insurance softwares through applying:

  1. Technology innovation : by creating the most flexible solution on the market, developed in the most advanced technologies, using APIs, and proposed as a SaaS or on-premise product
  1. Business innovation : the open-source model allows for better cost optimisation and leverage on the improvements developed and financed by the community, whether in the area of business operations, compliance or technology

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Transform your business with the help of a market-leading, technologically-advanced solution

  1. Fully integrated : a back-to-front solution whose unique parameters allow for quick launch of new products and their dynamic accessibility in the Front
  1. Open : an API catalog allowing for an easy access to the application services for external parties
  1. Flexible : a software of limitless flexibility obtained thanks to a double engine “rules and processes”
  • Life Insurance

    Management of the complete lifecycle of Individual and Group Life Insurance contracts
    Disability, Death, TILA, Final Expense Coverage
    Daily Benefits
    Capital, Pensions
    Eckert Law management, Income at Source Tax and more

  • Health Insurance

    Group and Individual Health Insurance management
    Definition of formal rules and limits for all types of insurance coverage
    Public sector insurance policies handling
    Interfacing with third party modules

  • Wealth Insurance

    Management of a full lifecycle of Wealth Insurance contracts: from pricing to claims handling
    Different financing instruments (flat rate loans, zero rate loans, bridge loans, lump sum payments, smoothing loans, etc.)
    Calculation of Loan Amortization schedules, loan to contract allocation and policyholders ratio
    Initiation of statistical analysis, credits and charges management
    Claims management


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Our clients, insurance providers
  1. Use Coog, our integrated software solution
  2. Acquire expertise
  3. Recommend product enhancements
  1. Releases two software versions per year
  2. Provides product and clients support
  3. Provides ongoing expertise
Our Partners
  1. Promote and capitalise on Coog developement
  2. Participate in the life of the community
Coog community, best way to share added-value
  1. Performs product enhancements
  2. Interacts amongst the members
  3. Guarantees the sustainability of the solution

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You are an insurance provider and you strive to modernise the technology you use? or you operate in this sector and wish to join the coopengo community, send us a message!

Our headquarters are located at:

  1. 1 rue Hauteville, 75010 Paris
  2. 31 rue d’Armagnac, 33800 Bordeaux


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